Answers to Day 1 questions (10 questions)

1) C – ANCA vasculitis treatment  – prednisone and Cyclophosphamide. There is plasmapheresis in the choice . If they specifically ask for initial therapy, then prednisone and plasmapheresis could be considered. This patient did not have pulmonary hemorrhage and was not sick !

2) B – Fabry disease. This is an X linked recessive disease which predominantly affects male ! Deficiency of Alpha galactosidase A causes accumulation of sphingolipids(glycolipids and in this disease specifically galactoacylcerebrosidase) in blood vessels , nerves kidney and heart. The manifestations are neurological(pain and tingling in extremities, progressive CKD-especially in 3 decade, Cardiac hypertrophy, abdominal pain(accumulation of sphingolipids in blood vessels supplying intestines) and skin rash(especially around the umbilicus)

3) D – Sickle cell/Tylenol/NSAID combination should raise suspicion about papillary necrosis

4)A – Arterial line is negative pressure and is causes dialysis catheter to flatten out!

5) B – most common cause of intradialytic hypotension is diastolic dysfunction. I was tempted to choose pericardial effusion given the stem of the case .

6) E – Hyperglycemia- very common cause of PD ultrafiltration failure since it decreases the solute gradient dramatically!

7) C – Isolated scrotal swelling should raise concerns about patent processes vaginalis in a new PD patient

8) E  -Gentamycin toxicity- hypomagnesemia

9) C – Cyclosporine toxicity causes hirsutism

10) B – Increased urine oxalate -pathogenesis for calcium oxalate stone in Chron’s disease


Hope the explanation helps!


2 thoughts on “Answers to Day 1 questions (10 questions)

  1. Awesome ! Thanks Yuvi.
    I got all the questions right !
    for question 8) (Aminoglycoside) .. also hypokalemia and hypocalcemia can happen ! but possibly hypomagnesemia is the most common/characteristic.

  2. I agree, Hypomagnesemia is very characteristic for gentamycin toxicity. The toxicity also occus aftera few days of therapy! Great job with the questions. Hardly a few in the board review got all the questions right!

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